Day 38 | Day off in Santiago

Day 38  |  Day off in Santiago

Wandering around SOME MORE in Santiago!


At this point, Santiago was feeling very familiar to me. I knew my way around quite well, and my comfort zone was expanding to include more and more parts of the city.


I stayed at the Albergue Seminario Menor tonight. (You may remember me mentioning it in a previous post.) It used to be a residence for priests or something, but now it’s been converted to an albergue. I think there were some dorm-style bunk rooms, but there are also MANY very small individual rooms, each with a single bed.


It’s a very large building that can accommodate many pilgrims, but it still fills up pretty quickly, so if you want to stay here (and it is a good place to stay) you will definitely want to make sure you arrive before 2pm. Even if you call ahead and make a reservation, it’s still a conditional reservation that requires you to arrive before a certain time.


What do YOU think?

Have you stayed at the Seminario Menor? What did you think of it? And are there any Santiago hot spots I’ve neglected to mention that you think pilgrims should be advised to check out? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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