What is adventuREbecca all about?


Life is an adventure, right? And if it isn’t… well, it should be! Sometimes all it takes is a little shift in perspective. Sometimes we all need a reminder that an adventure doesn’t have to be a globe-trotting trip across the world… it could just be something as simple as making a snowman in your own backyard.

live life love life piano

My name is Rebecca, and I’m all about finding the adventure in the everyday. I’m a relatively ordinary person… just like you. I have a relatively ordinary job… probably just like you (I teach high school English, if you were wondering). But that doesn’t mean I have to live a relatively ordinary life! I have a tendency to be a tad dramatic and find excitement in little things.I’m living life, and loving life… just like (hopefully) you!

I’ve had a few big adventures:

  1. I work on a remote fly-in First Nations reserve in northern Canada. (Ice Road Truckers, anyone? Yeah, I drove that road. In a beat-up, old pickup.)
  2. I walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain. (During a heat wave so epic it made international news, no less!)
  3. I road-tripped the Canadian Rockies, visited the East Coast, chaperoned some school trips to England and France.

I’ve had many small adventures:

  1. I started learning the violin.
  2. I learned how to seed bead.
  3. I get to canoe out into the wilderness and hang a tarp over some trees and camp out for the night! (Although, this is limited to the warmer months!)
  4. And SO much more!!!

It all comes down to this: I get to try new things! And that is what’s at the heart of every adventure.
So join me. Follow along. See the world through my stories, and let my stories inspire you to see the everyday adventures in your own life!